Thanos P. Mourikis

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The Network of Cancer Genes (NCG, is a manually curated repository of cancer genes derived from the scientific literature. Due to the increasing amount of cancer genomic data, we have introduced a more robust procedure to extract cancer genes from published cancer mutational screenings and two curators independently reviewed each(More)
Synchronous colorectal cancers (syCRCs) are physically separated tumours that develop simultaneously. To understand how the genetic and environmental background influences the development of multiple tumours, here we conduct a comparative analysis of 20 syCRCs from 10 patients. We show that syCRCs have independent genetic origins, acquire dissimilar somatic(More)
Cancer genomes acquire somatic alterations that largely differ between and within cancer types. Several of these alterations inactivate genes that are normally functional with no deleterious consequences on cancer cells due to genetic redundancy. Here we discuss how this leads to cancer synthetic dependencies that can be exploited in therapy.
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