Thanos Magoulas

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OBJECTIVE To investigate the circulating levels of endothelin-1 (ET-1) in serum (sET-1) in patients with pulmonary disease [pulmonary fibrosis (PF) and pulmonary hypertension (PHT)], and renal involvement [hypertensive renal crisis (HRC)] in the 2 major subsets of systemic sclerosis (SSc) in order to determine the significance of sET-1 levels in relation to(More)
The strategic role of IT and its significance throughout the organization increases complexity, variety, and the need of change. Hence IT management must deal with uncertainties derived from different, conflicting and ever changing demands. In this sense Enterprise Architecture is playing an increasingly important role in improving IT management practice.(More)
Development of information systems in complex and dynamic organisations has failed in many aspects often due to the inability to manage complexity in interdependent enterprise and information systems changes. This paper presents some essential difficulties from the case project in systems development based on IT products like ERP products. We give an(More)
Endothelial cell activation antigens may play important roles in immune responses and in inflammation. This report describes the identification and characterization of a monoclonal antibody, named EAA-B, which reacts specifically with human umbilical vein endothelial (HUVE) cells pre-treated with tumour necrosis factor-alpha (TNF-alpha) but not with(More)
This study investigates the factors that are crucial for successful communication and hence to the design of Communication Support Systems (CSS). The study focuses on the concept of media richness and attempts to improve our understanding of the factors that influences the fitness between organizational context and the use of communication technology. Thus,(More)
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