Thanos Gentimis

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We propose a new approach to detect and quantify the periodic structure of dynamical systems using topological methods. We propose to use delay-coordinate embedding as a tool to detect the presence of harmonic structures by using persistent homology for robust analysis of point clouds of delay-coordinate embeddings. To discover the proper delay, we propose(More)
The increasing interest in big data applications is ushering in a large effort in seeking new, efficient, and adapted data models to reduce complexity, while preserving maximal intrinsic information. Graph-based models have recently been getting a lot of attention on account of their intuitive and direct connection to the data [43]. The cost of these(More)
In persistent homology, the persistence barcode encodes pairs of simplices meaning birth and death of homology classes. Persistence barcodes depend on the ordering of the simplices (called a filter) of the given simplicial complex. In this paper, we define the notion of “minimal” barcodes in terms of entropy. Starting from a given filtration of a simplicial(More)
In applications where the use of video surveillance is necessary and/or beneficial, it is a common goal to identify the contents of the video automatically. Of particular interest in such applications is the ability to recognize locations in the environment, where events occur, and describe the events common to those locations. This is one of the goals of(More)
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