Thanos Demiris

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The definition of context is context-depended itself… Context information is processed and has been used for making information delivery and presentation more efficient. The use of context is gaining in importance with the increasing number of pervasive computing applications. The efficiency of information delivery to mobile devices, which still(More)
In general, user interfaces should be intuitive, self-explanatory and adaptive to various user skills. Especially in augmented reality systems with complex interaction possibilities simple concepts are necessary to guide the user. Therefore, we extend the ideas of the traditional WIMP metaphor (Windows, Icons, Menus, Pointer) with the capabilities of(More)
Multimedia guided tours of cultural sites are beginning to appear in archaeological sites and museums across the globe. Still no commercial installation has been reported but the ever-increasing interest is bound to trigger further development. This trigger led to the advanced research for the LIFEPLUS system, which presents two novel mobile platforms(More)
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