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Estrogen receptor (ER) levels, formation of 3'-phosphoadenosine-5'phosphosulfate (PAPS), and sulfate transfer to estradiol-178, have been determined in 62 human primary carcinoma cytosol preparations. Whilst no differences between ER positive and ER negative tumors were found in the synthesis of [35S]PAPS, formation of estradiol-3-[35S]sulfate catalysed by(More)
Allatostatin (AST)-like immunoreactivity (IR) was localized in the eyestalk of Penaeus monodon by immunohistochemistry using four anti-AST antibodies. Depending on the antisera, AST-like immunoreactivity was detected in neuronal bodies of the lamina ganglionalis, cell bodies anterior to the medulla externa and cell bodies on the anterior and posterior of(More)
Using the DMBA-induced mammary tumour as a model, the effect of hormone manipulation on steroid sulphurylation and on oxidative and reductive metabolism has been investigated. Oestradiol-17 beta, or oestradiol-17 beta + progesterone, administered to oophorectomized animals, had no effect on adenosine-3'-phosphate-5'-phosphosulphate formation in the tumours.(More)
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