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We experimentally demonstrate suppressed absorption and stimulated emission of surface plasmon polaritons (SPP) leading to all-plasmonic modulation of an SPP signal propagating at the interface between a metal and a gain medium; these observations are supported by the developed theory. The use of copropagating signal and control waves can provide more than(More)
Membrane functionality is crucial in microfluidics for realizing operations such as filtration, separation, concentration, signaling among cells and gradient generation. Currently, common methods often sandwich commercially available membranes in multi-layer devices, or use photopolymerization or temperature-induced gelation to fabricate membrane structures(More)
We report an in situ biofabrication strategy that conveniently partitions microfluidic networks into physically separated while chemically communicating microchannels with semipermeable biopolymer membranes, which enable the facile generation of static gradients for biomedical applications. The biofabrication of parallel biopolymer membranes was initiated(More)
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