Thanh Vinh Dinh

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With the growing concerns about electromagnetic compatibility of integrated circuits, the need for accurate prediction tools and models to reduce risks of noncompliance becomes critical for circuit designers. However, an on-chip characterization of noise is still necessary for model validation and design optimization. Although different on-chip measurement(More)
Cross-talk (XT) is a phenomenon affecting signals propagated in electronic circuitry. In a general case if a signal is transmitted in one system it creates an undesired effect in another, which is due to the crosstalk. The crosstalk is usually caused by parasitic capacitances, inductances, or conductive coupling. In wireless communication, crosstalk is(More)
In this paper we present experimental characterization of packaged switch devices in terms of their RF attributes: isolation, insertion loss, power consumption, and linearity. Packaging and Board assembly significantly reduce their RF and mm-Wave performances. A broadband experimental setup is developed for the qualification of packaged switch devices(More)
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