Thanh Van Thi Nguyen

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Because of self-renewal, strong proliferation in vitro, abundant sources for isolation, and a high differentiation capacity, mesenchymal stem cells are suggested to be potentially therapeutic for liver fibrosis/cirrhosis. In this study, we evaluated the treatment effects of mouse bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stem cells (BM-MSCs) on mouse liver cirrhosis(More)
Dealing with the uncertainties of Internet characteristics is an important issue that needs being taken into account in developing Internet-based real-time systems. In this paper, we present our approach in applying fuzzy logic to develop back-up mechanisms for an Internet-based mobile robot to deal with unwanted network problems such as long delays or(More)
This paper deals with the localization problem of mobile robot subject to communication delay and packet loss. The delay and loss may appear in a random fashion in both control inputs and observation measurements. A unified state-space representation is constructed to describe these mixed uncertainties. Based on it, the optimal linear estimator is(More)
This paper presents a new optimal filter namely past observation-based extended Kalman filter for the problem of localization of Internet-based mobile robot in which the control input and the feedback measurement suffer from communication delay. The filter operates through two phases: the time update and the data correction. The time update predicts the(More)
The aim of this study was to evaluate, for the first time, the antagonistic effects of Gingko biloba leaf (GB) and Sophora japonica L. flower bud (SJ) extracts on cerebral vasoconstriction in response to KCl, extracellular Ca[Formula: see text], histamine, 5-hydroxytryptamine (5-HT), 9,11-dideoxy-9[Formula: see text],11[Formula: see text]-methanoepoxy(More)
This study proposes behavior-based navigation architecture, named BBFM, to deal with the problem of navigating the mobile robot in unknown environments in the presence of obstacles and local minimum regions. In the architecture, the complex navigation task is split into principal sub-tasks or behaviors. Each behavior is implemented by a fuzzy controller and(More)
Distribution and taxonomic status of the Roosevelt’s Barking Deer (Muntiacus rooseveltorum) have remained poorly understood after more than 80 years since its description. All records of this species so far have been reported only from Lao PDR. During recent surveys in central Vietnam, we found several specimens from local hunting trophies morphologically(More)
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