Thanh-Tung Dang

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HotMatch is a multi-strategy matcher developed by a group of students at Technische Universität Darmstadt in the course of a hands-on training. It implements various matching strategies. The tool version submitted to OAEI 2012 combines different basic matching strategies, both element-based and structure-based, and a set of filters for removing faulty(More)
Microblogs are an important source of information in emergency management as lots of situational information is shared, both by citizens and official sources. It has been shown that incident-related information can be identified in the huge amount of available information using machine learning. Nevertheless, the currently used classification techniques(More)
This paper deals with scheduling for single machine batch processing, specifically the transporting problem with one vehicle. Capacity restrictions of 406 T.T. Dang, B. Frankovič, I. Budinská, B. Flood, C. Sheahan, B. L. Dang the machine are considered and the main objective is to find an assignment of jobs to achieve the minimal processing time of all(More)
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