Thanh Tu Duong

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Noise effects in technological applications, far from being a nuisance, can be exploited with advantage - for example, unavoidable thermal fluctuations have found application in the transport and sorting of colloidal particles and biomolecules. Here we use a microfluidic system to demonstrate a paradoxical migration mechanism in which particles always move(More)
Control of surface properties in microfluidic systems is an indispensable prerequisite for successful bioanalytical applications. Poly(dimethylsiloxane) (PDMS) microfluidic devices are hampered from unwanted adsorption of biomolecules and lack of methods to control electroosmotic flow (EOF). In this paper, we propose different strategies to coat PDMS(More)
Using Brownian dynamics simulations, we study the migration of long charged chains in an electrophoretic microchannel device consisting of an array of microscopic entropic traps with alternating deep regions and narrow constrictions. Such a device has been designed and fabricated recently by Han and Craighead [Science 288 (2000) 1026] for the separation of(More)
DNA migration in topologically structured microchannels with periodic cavities is investigated experimentally and with Brownian dynamics simulations of a simple bead-spring model. The results are in very good agreement with one another. In particular, the experimentally observed migration order of lambda - and T2-DNA molecules is reproduced by the(More)
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