Thanh Truong

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We present an approach for scalable processing of SPARQL queries to RDF views of numerical data stored in relational databases (RDBs). Such queries include numerical expressions, inequalities, comparisons, etc. inside FILTERs. We call such FILTERs numerical expressions and the queries-numerical SPARQL queries. For scalable execution of numerical SPARQL(More)
Our implementation of the DEBS 2013 Challenge is based on a scalable, parallel, and extensible DSMS, which is capable of processing general continuous queries over high volume data streams with low delays. A mechanism to provide user defined incremental aggregate functions over sliding windows of data streams provide real-time processing by emitting results(More)
In manufacturing industries, sensors are often installed on industrial equipment generating high volumes of data in real-time. For shortening the machine downtime and reducing maintenance costs, it is critical to analyze efficiently this kind of streams in order to detect abnormal behavior of equipment. For validating data streams to detect anomalies, a(More)
A potential problem for persisting large volume of streaming logs with conventional relational databases is that loading large volume of data logs produced at high rates is not fast enough due to the strong consistency model and high cost of indexing. As a possible alternative, state-of-the-art NoSQL data stores that sacrifice transactional consistency to(More)
Main-memory database systems (MMDBs) are viable solutions for many scientific applications. Scientific and engineering data often require special indexing methods, and there is a large number of domain specific main memory indexing implementations developed. However, adding an index structure into a database system can be challenging. <i>Mexima</i>(More)
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