Thanh Tran-Cong

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This paper presents mesh-free procedures for solving linear differential equations (ODEs and elliptic PDEs) based on multiquadric (MQ) radial basis function networks (RBFNs). Based on our study of approximation of function and its derivatives using RBFNs that was reported in an earlier paper (Mai-Duy, N. & Tran-Cong, T. (1999). Approximation of function and(More)
This paper reports numerical analyses of free vibration of laminated composite plate/ shell structures of various shapes, span-to-thickness ratios, boundary conditions and lay-up sequences. The method is based on a novel four-node quadrilateral element, namely MISQ20, within the framework of the first-order shear deformation theory (FSDT). The element is(More)
In this paper, an indirect/integrated radial-basis-function network (IRBFN) method is further developed to solve transient partial differential equations (PDEs) governing fluid flow problems. Spatial derivatives are discretized using oneand two-dimensional IRBFN interpolation schemes, whereas temporal derivatives are approximated using a method of lines and(More)
In this paper, a high-order interpolation scheme, namely integrated radial-basis-function networks (IRBFNs), is introduced into the time-kernel boundary-integral-equation method (BIEM) to approximate the unknown functions in boundary and volume integrals for the solution of the Burgers equation. All relevant integrals are written in terms of nodal variable(More)
In this paper, compact local integrated radial basis function (RBF) stencils (Mai-Duy and TranCong, 2011) are incorporated into the finite-volume formulation for the discretisation of secondorder differential problems. The unknown field variable and its derivatives are approximated using compact integrated RBFs defined on local regions that cover the(More)
Finite element method and dimensional analysis have been applied in the present paper to study a hydraulic impact, which is used in a non-explosive rock breaking technology in mining industry. The impact process of a high speed piston on liquidwater, previously introduced in a borehole drilled in rock, is numerically simulated. The research is focused on(More)