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This paper presents mesh-free procedures for solving linear differential equations (ODEs and elliptic PDEs) based on multiquadric (MQ) radial basis function networks (RBFNs). Based on our study of approximation of function and its derivatives using RBFNs that was reported in an earlier paper (Mai-Duy, N. & Tran-Cong, T. (1999). Approximation of function and(More)
A direct process for manufacturing polymer carbon nanotube (CNT)-based composite yarns is reported. The new approach is based on a modified dry spinning method of CNT yarn and gives a high alignment of the CNT bundle structure in yarns. The aligned CNT structure was combined with a polymer resin and, after being stressed through the spinning process, the(More)
A review of spontaneous rupture in thin films with tangentially immobile interfaces is presented that emphasizes the theoretical developments of film drainage and corrugation growth through the linearization of lubrication theory in a cylindrical geometry. Spontaneous rupture occurs when corrugations from adjacent interfaces become unstable and grow to a(More)
In this paper, numerical simulations of circular boreholes under internal hydraulic pressure are carried out to investigate the energy transferred to the surrounding rock and the breakdown pressure. The simulations are conducted by using a micromechanical continuum damage model proposed by Golshani et al. (2006). The simulation results suggest that the(More)
In this paper, compact local integrated radial basis function (RBF) stencils (Mai-Duy and Tran-Cong, 2011) are incorporated into the finite-volume formulation for the discretisation of second-order differential problems. The unknown field variable and its derivatives are approximated using compact integrated RBFs defined on local regions that cover the(More)
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