Thanh-Tam Ho

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The aim of this research was to obtain DNA profiles from immunochromatographic test devices which have already yielded positive results with body fluids obtained from fourteen volunteers. Three different immunochromatographic cards for the identification of human blood and one for the identification of human saliva were used for this research. Each body(More)
Polygonum multiflorum Thunb. is an important medicinal plant that synthesizes an array of phenolic compounds. Its roots are used in a variety of pharmacological and cosmetic formulations, notably as hair dye. In the present study, the inoculum density (3–15 g/L) and culture period (1–7 weeks) were optimized in a 3 L bioreactor. High root biomass (14.18 g/L(More)
Endoreduplication is an alternative form of the cell cycle that is common in approximately 90 % of angiosperm species. Endoreduplication, determined using flow cytometry, occurs in various tissues of Phalaenopsis and Doritaenopsis species belonging to the Phalaenopsis (Phal.) alliance. In this study, flowers and leaves of nine cultivars from the small,(More)
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