Thanh Pham

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Handheld and embedded devices are becoming increasingly popular and their uses are more versatile. Applications on these devices often need storing, retrieving and synchronizing data. IBM DB2 Everyplace is a high performance small footprint DBMS that is targeted in this market segment. In this paper, we will describe the overall architecture, features and(More)
Two proportions from the same sample of observations or from matched-pair samples are correlated. A number of studies proposed interval estimation for the difference in correlated proportions (e. Considering that confidence intervals (CI) are more informative than point estimates but the CI for the difference in correlated proportions is not readily(More)
Effect sizes are strongly encouraged to be reported in addition to statistical significance and should be considered in evaluating the results of a study. The choice of an effect size for ANOVA models can be confusing because indices may differ depending on the research design as well as the magnitude of the effect. Olejnik and Algina (2003) proposed the(More)
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