Thanh Hung Tran

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the vehicle-terrain interaction is essential for autonomous and safe operations of skid-steering unmanned ground vehicles (UGVs). This paper presents a comprehensive analysis of the dynamic processes involved in this interaction, using the vehicle kinetics and the theory of terramechanics to derive systematically shear displacement, reaction force, and load(More)
Voice control has long been considered as a natural mechanism to assist powered wheelchair users. However, one implementation difficulty is that a voice input system may fail to recognise a user's voice. Indeed, speech activated interface between human and autonomous/semi-autonomous systems requires accurate detection and recognition. In this area pitch and(More)
Overshoot is a serio us problem in automatic control systems. This paper presents a new method for elimination of the step response overshoot in a conventional PID-controlled system and enhancement of its robustness by cascading a sliding mode controller in the outer loop. The idea is first to use the cascade control principle to model the under-damped(More)
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