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We address the problem of classifying human actions using a single depth sensor camera. In this work, we propose an angular representation to model the relationship between the joints in human skeleton. This representation helps cope with noisy data while enhances both computational efficiency and flexibility. Also, we propose to use Hidden Markov Model(More)
Understanding the discussed content in social networks is an uneasy problem but brings a lot of advantages for different fields, such as marketing, education, social trends, security. To build up the system for supporting products marketing in social networks, we develop models of content-based social networks analysis in order to find out the discussed(More)
Myeloid sarcomas are tumor masses composed of aggregates of malignant myeloid precursors in extramedullary sites including the skin. We report a case of myeloid sarcoma in a patient who presented with an ear lobe mass and facial nerve paralysis. Expression of CD56 by the malignant cells led to an initial misdiagnosis as Merkel cell tumor. Comprehensive(More)
The Study on “Maximizing the Spread of Influence through a Social Network” has been strongly attracted attentions recently. One of the most important problems is figuring those who are able to make the strongest influence on the others in spreading information based on a specific topic. We would like to build a system to support viral marketing on social(More)
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