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A novel dosage form integrating solid dispersion (SD) in orally disintegrating tablets (ODTs) was developed and optimized by the face-centered central composite design to improve poorly soluble property and slow onset action time of felodipine (Fel). SD of Fel and hydroxypropyl methylcellulose E6 was prepared by solvent evaporation method. Differential(More)
By use of an asymmetric Ullmann coupling involving chiral naphthalene oxazolines 1, the title compounds were prepared in good yields and with high diastereoselectivity. Hydrolysis of the binaphthyl oxazolines 2 led to the di-aldehydes 5, which were transformed into the azepine derivative, 6. The latter was treated with the appropriate phosphoryl halide to(More)
A parabolic, multilayer x-ray mirror, which can be used with a general lab-based x-ray source, was designed and fabricated. A glass substrate for the mirror was fabricated. Its surface was determined by following the rotation of a parabolic curve and was polished precisely. On the substrate surface, six W/Al bilayers were deposited to form the multilayer(More)
Introduction Steady State Free Precession (SSFP) imaging offers the benefit of speed and high signal-to-noise images (1, 2). Its signal dependence on √(T2/T1) requires background suppression in contrast enhanced MRA (3). This can be accomplished by a repeated insertion of an inversion pulse in the train of RF pulses followed by a number of discarded(More)
An anode exchangeable X-ray tube of very simple structure was developed. Aluminum, chromium, and copper anode targets were prepared and used to investigate X-ray spectra. X-ray images of a thin wood plate were taken using those targets. The measured energies of the characteristic X-rays of each target agreed well with the presented results. The difference(More)
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