Thanh Ha Nguyen

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Australian isolates of Fusarium species were grown on potato dextrose agar. Trichothecenes produced by these species were extracted by ethyl acetate followed by methanol and a silica gel column was used to clean-up the extract. The extracted samples were derivatized by acetylation with trifluoroacetic anhydride and the derivatives analysed by gas(More)
PURPOSE To describe a Japanese family with lattice corneal dystrophy type I, which segregates with a novel mutation, Leu518Pro of the beta ig-h3 gene. METHODS DNA was extracted from leukocytes in four members (three affected and one unaffected) of a Japanese family with lattice corneal dystrophy type I. Exon 12 of the beta ig-h3 gene was amplified and(More)
The purpose of this study was to determine the optimal tube current setting and scanning mode for hominid fossil skull scanning, using multi-detector row computed tomography (CT). Four fossil skulls (La Ferrassie 1, Abri Pataud 1, CroMagnon 2 and Cro-Magnon 3) were examined by using the CT scanner LightSpeed 16 (General Electric Medical Systems) with(More)
The experimental charge density distributions in a host-guest complex have been determined. The host, 1,4-bis[[(6-methylpyrid-2-yl)amino]carbonyl]benzene (1) and guest, adipic acid (2). The molecular geometries of 1 and 2 are controlled by the presence in the complex of intermolecular hydrogen bonding interactions and the presence in the host 1 of(More)
Germinal centers (GCs) are clusters of activated B cells that form in secondary lymphoid organs during a T-dependent immune response. B cells enter GCs and become rapidly proliferating centroblasts that express the enzyme activation-induced deaminase (AID) to undergo somatic hypermutation and class-switch recombination. Centroblasts then mature into(More)
Macular degeneration is a heterogeneous group of disorders characterized by progressive central visual loss and degeneration of the macula and underlying retinal pigment epithelium (RPE) of the eye. Age-related macular degeneration (ARMD), the most common form of the disease, is the leading cause of legal blindness in the elderly population in the United(More)
PURPOSE To investigate the serotypes of adenovirus causing conjunctivitis in Hanoi, Vietnam. DESIGN Clinical diagnosis of adenoviral conjunctivitis and laboratory-based experimental study. METHODS We collected 21 conjunctival swabs from 21 different patients with a clinical presentation compatible with adenoviral conjunctivitis, in Hanoi, Vietnam.(More)
Classification of limbs motion intention based on electroencephalogram (EEG) is one of the major subjects of brain-computer interface (BCI). EEG signals contained not only noise artefacts, but also variations within and across sessions. To reduce this unnecessary information in EEG signal processing, we applied an extension version of common spatial pattern(More)
PURPOSE To investigate the efficacy and pathogenicity of three commercially available nonviral DNA vectors for gene transfer to the corneal endothelium. METHODS Corneas obtained from New Zealand White rabbits were cultured ex vivo. For cell culture, the corneal endothelial cells were removed and cultured in vitro under standard conditions. Using the(More)
The ubiquitin pathway plays a critical role in regulating diverse biological processes, and its dysregulation is associated with various diseases. Therefore, it is important to have a tool that can control the ubiquitin pathway in order to improve understanding of this pathway and to develop therapeutics against relevant diseases. We found that Chicago Sky(More)