Thanh H. D. Nguyen

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A critical factor in work group coordination, communication has been studied extensively. Yet, we are missing objective evidence of the relationship between successful coordination outcome and communication structures. Using data from IBM's Jazz™ project, we study communication structures of development teams with high coordination needs. We(More)
The goal of performance regression testing is to check for performance regressions in a new version of a software system. Performance regression testing is an important phase in the software development process. Performance regression testing is very time consuming yet there is usually little time assigned for it. A typical test run would output thousands(More)
The authors describe a repository-independent approach to mining task-based communication in social networks. They propose practical applications that utilize their approach to directly support development projects. S uppose you're a software team manager who's responsible for delivering a software product by a specific date, and your team uses a code(More)
—Dependency network measures capture various facets of the dependencies among software modules. For example, betweenness centrality measures how much information flows through a module compared to the rest of the network. Prior studies have shown that these measures are good predictors of post-release failures. However, these studies did not explore the(More)
Nowadays, distributed development is common in software development. Besides many advantages, research in the last decade has consistently found that distribution has a negative impact on collaboration in general, and communication and task completion time in particular. Adapted processes, practices and tools are demanded to overcome these challenges. We(More)
The build system of a software project is responsible for transforming source code and other development artifacts into executable programs and deliverables. Similar to source code, build system specifications require maintenance to cope with newly implemented features, changes to imported Application Program Interfaces (APIs), and source code(More)
Even the addition of a single extra field or control statement in the source code of a large-scale software system can lead to performance regressions. Such regressions can considerably degrade the user experience. Working closely with the members of a performance engineering team, we observe that they face a major challenge in identifying the cause of a(More)