Thanh Dung Nguyen

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This paper aims to present the combination of chaotic signal and evolutionary algorithm to estimate the unknown parameters in five-dimension chaos synchronization system via the Pecora-Carroll method. The self-organizing migrating algorithm was used to estimate the unknown parameters. Based on the results from evolutionary algorithm, two identical chaotic(More)
Three-dimensional (3D) microstructures created by microfabrication and additive manufacturing have demonstrated value across a number of fields, ranging from biomedicine to microelectronics. However, the techniques used to create these devices each have their own characteristic set of advantages and limitations with regards to resolution, material(More)
Introduction Navigator echo is an effective technique to suppress respiratory and cardiac motion in MR angiography. Ahn and Cho's (AC) algorithm extracts the displacement from the navigator phase. Although computationally efficient, it is susceptible to noise, particularly contributions from points at the edges of k-space. We proposed a kspace weighted(More)
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