Thanh Duc Ngo

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The human face is one of the most important objects in videos since it provides rich information for spotting certain people of interest, such as government leaders in news video, or the hero in a movie, and is the basis for interpreting facts. Therefore, detecting and recognizing faces appearing in video are essential tasks of many video indexing and(More)
We present an robust method for detecting face tracks in video in which each face track represents one individual. Such face tracks are important for many potential applications such as video face recognition, face matching, and face-name association. The basic idea is to use the Kanade-Lucas-Tomasi (KLT) tracker to track interest points throughout video(More)
Multimedia event detection has become a popular research topic due to the explosive growth of video data. The motion features in a video are often used to detect events because an event may contain some specific actions or moving patterns. Raw motion features are extracted from the entire video first and then aggregated to form the final S. Phan ( ) · T. D.(More)
Person Re-Identification problem aims at matching people across a network of non-overlapping cameras. When multiple probe people appear concurrently, human could compare them together to give a more accurate matching. However, existing approaches treat each probe person independently, skipping the concurrent information. In this paper, we propose a(More)
In recent years, large-scale image retrieval has been shown remarkable potential in real-life applications. To reduce retrieval time as searched database may contain thousands of images, Inverted Indexing is the basic technique, given images are represented by Bag-of-Words model. However, one major limitation of both standard Inverted Index and Bag-of-Words(More)