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Over the last few years, the use of virtualization technologies has increased dramatically. This makes the demand for efficient and secure virtualization solutions become more obvious. Container-based virtualization and hypervisor-based virtualization are two main types of virtualization technologies that have emerged to the market. Of these two classes,(More)
Social relationships are a natural basis on which humans make trust decisions. Online Social Networks (OSNs) are increasingly often used to let users base trust decisions on the existence and the strength of social relationships. While most OSNs allow users to discover the length of the social path to other users, they do so in a centralized way, thus(More)
INTRODUCTION There is a great concern on how to build up an interoperable health information system of public health and health information technology within the development of public information and health surveillance programme. Technically, some major issues remain regarding to health data visualization, spatial processing of health data, health(More)
There has recently been a flood of interest in potential new applications of blockchains, as well as proposals for more generic designs called public ledgers. Most of the novel proposals have been in the financial sector. However, the public ledger is an abstraction that solves several of the fundamental problems in the design of secure distributed systems:(More)
Imagine if there is a privacy-preserving mechanism for two mobile devices to determine if their owners have common friends. It can be useful for access control in applications like ride-sharing, sharing Internet access or even just a simple "people radar" app for showing nearby friends and friends-of-friends. Current mechanisms for doing this come at the(More)
Blockchains and other public ledger structures promise a new way to create globally consistent event logs and other records. We make use of this consistency property to detect and prevent man-in-the-middle attacks in a key exchange such as Diffie-Hellman or ECDH. Essentially, the MitM attack creates an inconsistency in the world views of the two honest(More)
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