Thanh An Nguyen

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In this paper, a simple, efficient, and parameter free algorithm, DISCUR, is proposed to reconstruct curves from unorganized sample points. The proposed algorithm can reconstruct multiple simple curves that may be open, closed, and/or with sharp corners. The criteria for the curve reconstruction are based on two observations we have made concerning the(More)
Creativity is an important topic in design research. Attempts have been made to develop methods and tools that can help designers become more creative. Yet how and why creativity occurs is still unknown to researchers. In this paper, we propose a theoretical model for creative design. This theoretical model builds on two postulates: 1) design reasoning(More)
Graphical password is an authentication means alternative to textual password and biometric password. Graphical passwords are classified into two groups: picture based password and userdrawn based password. To pass the authentication, in the picture based graphical password, users have to choose right photos whereas in the user-drawn based graphical(More)
This paper presents the results of a study designed to compare the processes followed by practitioners of three design methods: the algorithm of inventive problem solving, axiomatic design, and environment-based design. Prior literature has postulated the complementary nature of these design methods, and in some cases, has provided case studies of their(More)
In the 1950 presidential address to the American Psychological Association, Guilford (1950) emphasized the importance of creativity research and urged researchers to adopt scientific approaches to the topic. Today, creativity has become one of the most popular and significant research topics, crossing disciplinary boundaries. This issue consists of five(More)
INTRODUCTION Shellfish consumption may be a significant pathway to food contaminants such as heavy metals, pesticides and phycotoxins. Currently, little information exists about consumption of shellfish in Vietnam. Such data could be of interest in terms of nutritional value or risk assessment. METHODS Consumption of shellfish was assessed using a food(More)
Curve reconstruction is the problem of constructing polygonal curve(s) from a set of sample points. Among all the research to solve this problem, visual perception based algorithms, DISCUR and VICUR, come up in recent years as intuitive methods. DISCUR and VICUR connect points into patterns that agree with human visual perception by applying two major(More)
MATeRIALs AnD MeTHODs: A retrospective chart review was conducted of all outpatient penile skin inversion vaginoplasties performed in our practice from 2001 to 2016. Data collection included patient demographics and comorbidities. Operative time, combined procedures, preand post-operative antibiotic use, and estimated blood loss were recorded. Immediate and(More)
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