Thang N. Nguyen

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The paper first examines some issues that hinder the effective management of, and decision-making on, quality software development process and products delivery by practitioners. It then generates a decision model for managing software development projects. The model uses four concepts: mappability, accountability, interoperability and controllability in(More)
This paper introduces a new concept, the software continuum concept based on the observation that exists a general parallelism between the software continuum from bits to business/Internet ecosystems and the natural continuum from particles to ecosystems. The general parallelism suggests that homeomorphisms may be identified and therefore some concepts,(More)
We review the fall of Enron and other bankruptcies from the perspective of information management by exceptions (MBE) for insights into how to prevent another collapse. We entertain the idea that a group of special employees in an institution such as Enron can be analogously equated to a malignant tumor in human body, which can grow abnormally to bring the(More)
INTRODUCTION Frailty is a geriatric syndrome characterised by reductions in muscle mass, strength, endurance and activity level. The frailty syndrome, prevalent in 25-50% of patients undergoing cardiac surgery, is associated with increased rates of mortality and major morbidity as well as function decline postoperatively. This trial will compare a(More)
OBJECTIVE We aimed to determine the association between physician adherence to prescribing guideline-recommended medications during hospitalisation and 6-month major adverse outcomes of patients with acute coronary syndrome in Vietnam. DESIGN Prospective cohort study. SETTING The study was carried out in two public hospitals in Vietnam between January(More)