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and Applied Analysis 3 Matrix A is called semipositive definite A ≥ 0 if 〈Ax, x〉 ≥ 0, for all x ∈ R; A is positive definite A > 0 if 〈Ax, x〉 > 0 for all x / 0; A > B means A − B > 0. The notation diag{· · · } stands for a block-diagonal matrix. The symmetric term in a matrix is denoted by ∗. Consider the following uncertain neural networks with interval(More)
In this paper, exponential stability criteria of linear neutral systems with/ without uncertainties are investigated. By applying a change of variable, the Leibniz-Newton formula, integral inequalities and Lyapunov-Krasovskii functionals without adding free matrices, improved exponential stability-delay dependent criteria of the systems are obtained in the(More)
The paper presents a novel finite difference method for the symmetric regularized long wave equation. The time discretization is performed by using a four-level average difference technique for solving the fluid velocity independently from the density. At this stage, the numerical solution is easily solved by using the presented method since it does not(More)
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