Thanasis Loupas

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Rapid arm movements elicit anticipatory activation of the deep-lying abdominal muscles; this appears modified in back pain, but the invasive technique used for its assessment [fine-wire electromyography (EMG)] has precluded its widespread investigation. We examined whether tissue-velocity changes recorded with ultrasound (M-mode) tissue Doppler imaging(More)
Doppler ultrasound is an important noninvasive diagnostic tool for cardiovascular diseases. Modern ultrasound imaging systems utilize spectral Doppler techniques for quantitative evaluation of blood flow velocities, and these measurements play a crucial rule in the diagnosis and grading of arterial stenosis. One drawback of Doppler-based blood flow(More)
Autoregressive (AR) techniques are investigated by developing mean and maximum frequency estimators suitable for use in Doppler color flow mapping systems, where they are most needed. The estimators are based on low-order (for computational efficiency) AR models applied to complex signals whose real and imaginary parts are the in-phase and quadrature(More)
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