Thanasis Antoniou

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In this work we propose a new energy efficient and faulttolerant protocol for data propagation in wireless sensornetworks, the Variable Transmission Range Protocol VTRP.The basic idea of data propagation in VTRP is the varyingrange of data transmissions, ie. we allow the transmissionrange to increase in various ways. Thus data propagationin our protocol(More)
The role of isolated pentosans as the possible antinutritional factor in rye grain was investigated by using the chick as the bioassay animal. Pentosans were fractionated into water-soluble and insoluble fractions, and the content of the two major pentoses, xylose and arabinose, were quantitated. Puma rye contained 2.1 soluble and 7.7 % insoluble pentosans.(More)
Four experiments were conducted with growing chicks to study the effects of feeding rye and wheat diets supplemented with different calcium levels, two types and two levels of fat, and increasing levels of vitamin D3 and to study the interrelationships of these dietary ingredients on chick performance. In Experiment 1, feed conversion efficiency was reduced(More)
Smart Dust is a special case of wireless sensor networks, comprised of a vast number of ultra-small fully autonomous computing, communication and sensing devices, with very restricted energy and computing capabilities, that co-operate to accomplish a large sensing task. Smart Dust can be very useful in practice i.e. in the local detection of remote crucial(More)
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