Thanaset Thosdeekoraphat

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Abstract—This article presents a current-mode universal biquadratic filter. The proposed circuit can apparently provide standard functions of the biquad filter: low-pass, high-pass, bandpass, band-reject and all-pass functions. The circuit uses 4 current controlled transconductance amplifiers (CCTAs) and 2 grounded capacitors. In addition, the pole(More)
The optimal power transmission of a flat spiral coils are presented for wireless power transfer applications. It is a technique to increase the power transmission efficiency of magnetic field for wireless power transfer system by applying a flat spiral coils in conjunction with ferrite materials. The magnetic field distribution of flat spiral ferrite core(More)
This article presents new current-mode oscillator circuits using CDTAs which is designed from block diagram. The proposed circuits consist of two CDTAs and two grounded capacitors. The condition of oscillation and the frequency of oscillation can be adjusted by electronic method. The circuits have high output impedance and use only grounded capacitors(More)
This paper presents breast cancer detection by observing the specific absorption rate (SAR) intensity for identification tumor location, the tumor is identified in coordinates (x,y,z) system. We examined the frequency between 4-8 GHz to look for the most appropriate frequency. Results are simulated in frequency 4-8 GHz, the model overview include normal(More)
This article presents a current-mode quadrature oscillator. The proposed oscillator can provide 2 sinusoidal output currents with 90 0 phase difference. It also provides high output impedances that make the circuit able to directly drive load without additional current buffer. The condition of oscillation and frequency of oscillation can be controlled(More)
In this paper, the effect of cylindrical shield to heating area and location of induction heating for breast cancer hyperthermia treatment with hyperthermia inductive heating are presented. To determine heat distribution in the breast, which electric loss density is analyzed for various aperture sizes and radius of shielded cylindrical. It is a technique to(More)
An analysis and design of dielectric heating system by using radio frequency electric field (RFEF) will be presented for the milk pasteurization process. It is a technique to transmit the electric fields into the intermediary by using the RFEF. To determine heat distribution in the dielectric loads, which electric field intensity are analyzed to be suitable(More)
This article proposes an approach to increase the efficiency of the U-shaped cross section antenna. The Optimization of a wideband U-shaped cross section antenna on a U-shaped ground plane is presented suitable for WLAN in various applications. The proposed antenna has been developed from a single element of U-shaped cross-sectional antenna. A single(More)
This research is conducted to analyze the efficiency of dielectric heating by increasing the input ports which are to be symmetrically model on the electrode plate. This analysis is considering of the electric field distribution and intensity in dielectric loads. The electric fields are caused by the electric power on electrode plates of the input ports to(More)
The optimization of noninvasive focused deep hyperthermia inductive heating with nanoparticles injected and magnetic shielding system for breast cancer treatment has been presented in this article and the results are discussed. It is a technique to control magnetic field intensity and focusing the heating area by using magnetic fluid and cylindrical metal(More)