Thanadech Thanakornworakij

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For Infrastructure-as-a-Service, Cloud service providers, such as Amazon EC2 and Rackspace, allow users to lease their computing resources over the Internet, and invest their money into developing and maintaining the infrastructure. Hence, maximizing profit, right pricing, and rightsizing are vital elements to their business. To address these issues, we(More)
Cloud computing provides virtual resources so that end-users or organizations can buy computing power as a public utility. Cloud service providers however must strive to ensure good QoS by offering highly available services with dynamically scalable resources. HA-OSCAR is an open source High Availability (HA) solution for HPC/cloud that offers component(More)
High Performance Computing (HPC) system utilization can be maximized and sustained if one understands the failure behavior. In general, Time to Failure (TTF) of HPC systems has been long studied and showed that the Wei bull distribution gives the best fit. In addition, in many cases, TTF of such systems exhibit correlations. In our previous study, we(More)
Since it is inconvenient to generate a large number of video requests or changing network factors to perform actual network measurements, we have instead developed an analytical model for evaluating the network queueing delay. Our modeling approach is based on the use of Maximum Asymptotic Variance (MVA) technique to predict the maximum number of video(More)
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