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We are investigating quantitative ultrasound texture measures as an additional source of diagnostic information for the detection of white matter damage in very preterm infants. White matter damage is a form of brain damage which leads to cerebral palsy. Ultrasound speckle properties have been shown to correlate to scatterer properties in phantoms. The(More)
The inclusion of the barometer sensor in smartphones signaled an opportunity for aiding indoor localization efforts. In this paper, we therefore investigate a possible use of the barometer sensor for detecting vertically oriented activities. We start by showing the accuracies of various commodity measurement devices and the challenges they bring forth. We(More)
INTRODUCTION: Phase-contrast magnetic resonance imaging (PC-MRI) provides a unique method to accurately estimate velocities within a 3D region during the complete cardiac cycle. This 4D-flow technique enables studies of flow patterns in the heart and great vessels to provide new physiological insights [1,2]. Based on the acquired velocity data, particle(More)
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