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— The concept of Internet of Things involves huge number of constrained devices such as wireless sensors to communicate in a machine-to-machine pattern. the CoAP communication at different levels of the protocol stack. However, to investigate the feasibility of such a proposal, we use the X.805 security standard to analyze the security aspects of such(More)
BACKGROUND As diagnostic techniques advance and surgical outcomes improve, the rate of utilization of liver hemihepatectomy for various indications will continue to increase. OBJECTIVES To explore the preoperative predictors of liver hemihepatectomy postoperative complications. PATIENTS AND METHODS This study included retrospective analysis of the(More)
The risk of ischemia of segment IV after split liver resection is high. This anatomical study was done to identify the arterial blood supply and the intrahepatic distribution of liver segment IV. The anatomy of segment IV was studied in 29 livers from adult cadavers. To identify the arterial blood supply of segment IV, water and ink were injected into the(More)
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