Thambiah Balachandran

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The potential contribution of HLA-A alleles to viremic control in chronic HIV type 1 (HIV-1) infection has been relatively understudied compared with HLA-B. In these studies, we show that HLA-A*7401 is associated with favorable viremic control in extended southern African cohorts of >2100 C-clade-infected subjects. We present evidence that HLA-A*7401(More)
A previous audit showed that the HIV status of the majority (73%) of children of HIV-positive mothers attending a genitourinary clinic in the United Kingdom was unknown because mothers did not take up the offer of testing. The objectives of a re-audit were to establish the impact of the audit process on the uptake of testing and reasons for not taking up(More)
OBJECTIVES To determine whether HIV-infected mothers knew the HIV status of their children, enabling the offer of targeted testing of children at risk. METHODS All HIV-positive women attending the genitourinary medicine clinic at a district general hospital in the United Kingdom were asked whether they had children and the age, HIV status and residence of(More)
Recent studies in the SIV-macaque model of HIV infection suggest that Nef-specific CD8+ T-cell responses may mediate highly effective immune control of viraemia. In HIV infection Nef recognition dominates in acute infection, but in large cohort studies of chronically infected subjects, breadth of T cell responses to Nef has not been correlated with(More)
Results Mean age was 34 yrs ranging from 20-43 yrs. Majority (91%) were of African origin; 67% had HIV subtype C; 26% resistant to one or more class of HIV drugs; 55% had a nadir CD4 fewer than 350; 44% diagnosed at an antenatal setting and 62% were planned pregnancies. Prior to the current pregnancy, these women had 121 children: 5% of the children have(More)
This study examines the relationship between CD4 count and cervical cytological abnormality in HIV-positive women attending two district general hospital genitourinary medicine clinics in the East of England. It aims to determine whether the rate of cervical cytological abnormalities differs in HIV-positive women with CD4 count >350 cells/µl and those with(More)
A single dose of ciprofloxacin, 250 mg by mouth, was used in an open study to treat pharyngeal or rectal gonorrhoea or both in 64 patients (32 men and 32 women). The study also included 151 men with urethral gonorrhoea and 53 women with cervical or urethral gonorrhoea. Ciprofloxacin cured 63 (98%) patients with pharyngeal or rectal gonorrhoea (including 5(More)
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