Tham T. Nguyen

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Bacteria and mosquito abundance were studied in outdoor tubs unenriched and enriched with 0.04% rabbit pellets during the winter, 1999. The irrigation water used to fill the tubs contained a total bacterial count of 1.15-1.35 x 10(3) cells/ml. Adding rabbit pellets for enrichment yielded a total bacterial count of 5.50-7.63 x 10(5) cells/g. Bacterial(More)
INTRODUCTION Myeloid sarcomas are extramedullary lesions composed of myeloid lineage blasts that typically form tumorous masses and may precede, follow, or occur in the absence of systemic acute myeloid leukemia. They most commonly involve the skin and soft tissues, lymph nodes, and gastrointestinal tract and are particularly challenging to diagnose in(More)
Three tests were conducted during July 17 to October 30, 1998 to study the impact of two mosquitocidal microbial agents on mosquito larvae and their contribution to bacterial flora in aquatic microcosms. Formulations of Bacillus thuringiensis subsp. israelensis (Bti) and Bacillus sphaericus strain 2362 (Bsph) were applied at various rates to outdoor tubs(More)
INTRODUCTION With proper logistical support and sponsorship, a laboratory in an industrialized nation might be able to act as a reference laboratory for clinicians based in a developing country. METHODS We built on previous experience in the clinical laboratory to see whether a specialized histopathology service (hematopathology) could be provided to a(More)
BACKGROUND Seeking a noninvasive method to conduct surveillance for respiratory pathogens, we sought to examine the usefulness of 2 types of off-the-shelf aerosol samplers to detect respiratory viruses in Singapore. METHODS In this pilot study, we ran the aerosol samplers several times each week with patients present in the patient waiting areas at 3(More)
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