Thallita Kelly Rabelo

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Objective. To evaluate antinocicpetive and redox properties of the monoterpenes (+)-camphene, p-cymene, and geranyl acetate in in vivo and in vitro experimental models. Methods. Evaluation of the in vitro antioxidant activity of (+)-camphene, p-cymene, and geranyl acetate using different free radical-generating systems and evaluation of antinociceptive(More)
Shikimic acid (SA), originally extracted from Illicium verum Hook. fil., is an indispensable starting material for the synthesis of the antiviral drug Oseltamivir (Tamiflu®) with very limited number of studies regarding its biological effects in vitro. Therefore, we here evaluated the thermoanalytical profile, redox properties, and in vitro effects of SA on(More)
Antioxidant, anti-glycation and anti-inflammatory activities of fresh and conserved peach fruits (Prunus persica L. Batsch) were compared. Fresh peach pulps, peels, preserve peach pulps and the preserve syrup were prepared at equal concentrations. Rat liver, kidney and brain cortex tissue slices were pre-incubated with peach samples, subjected to oxidative(More)
BACKGROUND The present study was carried out to evaluate antioxidant, antinociceptive and anti-inflammatory activities of essential oil from R. maritima (RMO) in experimental protocols. METHODS The essential oil from the roots and rhizomes of RMO were obtained by hydrodistillation using a Clevenger apparatus, and analyzed by gas chromatography/mass(More)
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