Thaliyachira Deepak George

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The epizootiology of ephemeral fever in Australia from its first recognition until 1968 was reviewed. Since 1968, ephemeral fever often in a silent form has been shown to be enzootic in northern Australia, by the use of sentinel cattle. The major epizootics which occured in 1970-1971, 1972-1974 and 1974-1975 are described. These epizootics were(More)
CONTEXT Mirizzi syndrome (MS), an unusual complication of gallstone disease is due to mechanical obstruction of the common hepatic duct and is associated with clinical presentation of obstructive jaundice. Pre-operative identification of this entity is difficult and surgical management constitutes a formidable challenge to the operating surgeon. AIM To(More)
Four Merino sheep inoculated intravenously with bovine blood containing ephemeral fever virus showed no clinical signs of ephemeral fever. Two sheep showed a mild haematological response and developed a neutralising antibody which closely paralled that of a steer inoculated at the same time. Leucocytes harvested from these 2 sheep on days 3 and 4 after(More)