Thaline da Silva

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Several studies have reported that orally ingested trans-resveratrol is extensively metabolized in the enterocyte before it enters the blood and target organs. Additionally, trans-resveratrol is photosensitive, easily oxidized and presents unfavorable pharmacokinetics. Therefore, it is of great interest to stabilize trans-resveratrol in order to preserve(More)
This Technical Design Report is dedicated to Tom Ypsilantis. Tom conceived the Ring Imaging Cherenkov detectors for particle identification in LHCb and he made an inestimable contribution to the LHCb RICH project. Tom would have wished to see these detectors in operation. He was totally dedicated to the project. He will be missed by the RICH group for his(More)
Internal dosimetry intercomparisons are essential for the verification of applied models and the consistency of results'. To that aim, the First Regional Intercomparison was organised in 2005, and that results led to the Second Regional Intercomparison Exercise in 2013, which was organised in the frame of the RLA 9/066 and coordinated by Autoridad(More)
A vein cuff interposed at the distal anastomosis between a prosthetic vascular graft and a recipient infrageniculate artery improves the chances of continued patency of the graft, at least in the short and medium term. The mode of effect appears to be suppression or modification of anastomotic myointimal hyperplasia (MIH). In the event of graft failure the(More)
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