Thalia M. Laing

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We propose a new, lightweight (t, n)−threshold secret sharing scheme that can be implemented using only XOR operations. Our scheme is based on an idea extracted from a patent application by Hewlett Packard that utilises error correction codes. Our scheme improves on the patent by requiring fewer randomly generated bits and by reducing the size of shares(More)
A localised multisecret sharing scheme is a multisecret sharing scheme for an ordered set of players in which players in the smallest sets who are authorised to access secrets are close together in the underlying ordering. We define threshold versions of localised multisecret sharing schemes, we provide lower bounds on the share size of perfect localised(More)
Inspired by social animals, such as ants, bees and fish, which appear to exhibit what has been dubbed ‘swarm intelligence’, swarm robotic systems aim to accomplish goals that are unachievable by an individual robot. Swarm robotics have a large number of potential uses, including applications in the military, monitoring, disaster relief, healthcare and(More)
In 2010, Resch and Plank proposed a computationally secure secret sharing scheme, called AONT-RS. We present a generalisation of their scheme and discuss two ways in which information is leaked if used to distribute small ciphertexts. We discuss how to prevent such leakage and provide a proof of computational privacy in the random oracle model. Next, we(More)
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