Thales Pordeus Ferreira

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This paper proposes a regenerative braking system for a small-scale prototype applied to an electric bus, which is driven by a DC motor. The employed topology is based on two bidirectional DC-DC converters, cascaded connected, and with specific energy control function to provide energy flux between accumulators and motor drive. The recovered energy provided(More)
This paper presents an approach for development Interactive Digital TV applications. Methodology seeks to explore concepts and techniques already established in the area of generative software development for rapid prototyping application source code from models. The main goal is to define a systematic method using notations of high level and(More)
Reconfigurable Manufacturing Systems (RMSs) are widely used in modern production. The important features of RMSs, such as modularity, integrability and diagnosability, require open-architecture controllers. However, sub-systems from different vendors often use different communication protocols and interfaces. Hence, a RMS controller must be capable to(More)
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