Thales Eugenio Portes de Almeida

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Surface aquatic vehicles present a complex dynamic behavior since they operate between two different fluids, air and water, each one with a different density and viscosity. Wind and surface currents affect vehicle motion in different manners. This paper shows the development of an estimator based on an artificial neural network which is used for wind(More)
Brushless DC (BLDC) motor is used in a wide range of applications due to its high efficiency and high power density. However, as its main drawback, it develops significant torque ripple during phase commutation in conventional 120° conducting mode operation. To reduce torque undulations, this paper presents a simple approach for BLDC motor drive by(More)
This work presents an integral sliding mode controller, applied to the three-phase induction motor IM using indirect field oriented control technique. Besides seeking high dynamic performance using the slinding mode controller, it is discussed the necessity of a parametric action control (known as equivalent control) to turn the system stable. To do so, it(More)
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