Thalerngsak Kijthaweesinpoon

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Coalitions are considered beneficial in a market place. In this paper, we present a negotiation framework in e-market place that support the formation of coalitions. Unlike some of the existing models, the proposed framework supports multi-attribute coalition negotiation, The proposed framework is also designed with flexibility in mind in order to allow the(More)
In the previous researches, the strategies for multilateral negotiation are simple methods that bring own proposal close to opponentpsilas proposal. However, in multilateral negotiation, it is required to reflect each otherpsilas preferences for increasing optimal outcomes. This strategy is called win-win strategy. In order to realize win-win negotiation(More)
One of the challenges, of designing a negotiation agent, is to provide a unified framework. This allows heterogeneous agents to interact, despite their underlying architecture differences. In this paper, we presented a unified framework for e-commerce negotiation agent. The unified framework supports not only one-to-one and one-to-many negotiation, but also(More)
Research in the domain of autonomous negotiation agent gains more and more attention due to industry hype and momentum regarding e-commerce and e-markets. Negotiations have been identified as an advantageous coordination mechanism for the interaction of buyers and sellers in e-market that transcend the selling of commodities or uniform goods. Therefore,(More)
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