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Excessive airway obstruction is the cause of symptoms and abnormal lung function in asthma. As airway smooth muscle (ASM) is the effecter controlling airway calibre, it is suspected that dysfunction of ASM contributes to the pathophysiology of asthma. However, the precise role of ASM in the series of events leading to asthmatic symptoms is not clear. It is(More)
Although the biology the PLUNC (recently renamed BPI fold, BPIF) family of secreted proteins is poorly understood, multiple array based studies have suggested that some are differentially expressed in lung diseases. We have examined the expression of BPIFB1 (LPLUNC1), the prototypic two-domain containing family member, in lungs from CF patients and in mouse(More)
BACKGROUND Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) is associated with bronchial epithelial changes, including squamous cell metaplasia and goblet cell hyperplasia. These features are partially attributed to activation of the epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR). Whereas smoking cessation reduces respiratory symptoms and lung function decline in(More)
We investigated in vivo and in vitro oscillatory mechanics in bleomycin-induced fibrotic lungs and correlated these with morphometric changes in the collagen-elastin matrix and contractile cells. Fischer rats received bleomycin sulfate (BLEO,1.5 U) or saline intratracheally. Four weeks later tracheal flow and tracheal and alveolar pressure (using alveolar(More)
INTRODUCTION The autopsy rate has continuously diminished over the past few decades, reducing the quality of medical care and the accuracy of statistical health data. OBJECTIVE To assess the accuracy of clinical diagnoses by comparing pre- and postmortem findings, and to identify potential risk factors for misdiagnoses. METHODS Retrospective evaluations(More)
Mitochondrial glucocorticoid (mtGR) and estrogen (mtER) receptors participate in the coordination of the cell's energy requirement and in the mitochondrial oxidative phosphorylation enzyme (OXPHOS) biosynthesis, affecting reactive oxygen species (ROS) generation and induction of apoptosis. Although activation of mtGR and mtER is known to trigger(More)
RATIONALE Smoking and inflammation contribute to the pathogenesis of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), which involves changes in extracellular matrix. This is thought to contribute to airway remodeling and airflow obstruction. We have previously observed that long-term treatment with inhaled corticosteroids can not only reduce bronchial(More)
BACKGROUND The natural history and consequences of severe H1N1 influenza infection among cancer patients are not yet fully characterized. We describe eight cases of H1N1 infection in cancer patients admitted to the intensive care unit of a referral cancer center. PATIENTS AND METHODS Clinical data from all patients admitted with acute respiratory failure(More)
The impact of obesity on the inflammatory process has been described in asthma, however little is known about the influence of diet-induced obesity on lung remodeling. For this purpose, 56 recently weaned A/J mice were randomly divided into 2 groups. In the C group, mice were fed a standard chow diet, while OB animals received isocaloric high-fat diet to(More)
OBJECTIVE To verify the accordance of functional and morphometric parameters during the development of emphysema. METHODS BALB/c mice received a nasal drop of either papain or saline solution and were studied after 1, 3, 15, 28, and 40 days. Functional parameters, such as airway resistance, tissue damping, and tissue elastance, were analyzed. To evaluate(More)