Thais Guaratini

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Hyphenated techniques of gas chromatography coupled to mass spectrometer were used to determine fatty acids in eleven species of seaweeds from Fernando de Noronha archipelago. The main compounds detected in all studied species were the alcohol phytol and the fatty acids 14 : 0; 15 : 0; 16 : 0; 18 : 0; 18 : 1 n(9); 18 : 2 Δ(9,12); 20 : 4; 20 : 5. These fatty(More)
SRTXRF WAS USED TO DETERMINE AS, BA, BR, CA, CO, CR, CS, CU, DY, FE, K, MN, MO, NI, PB, RB, SR, TI, V, AND ZN IN ELEVEN SEAWEED SPECIES COMMONLY FOUND IN FERNANDO DE NORONHA: Caulerpa verticillata (J. Agardh) (Chlorophyta), Asparagopsis taxiformis (Delile), Dictyurus occidentalis (J. Agardh), Galaxaura rugosa (J. Ellis & Solander) J. V. Lamouroux, G.(More)
BACKGROUND Erythrina verna, popularly known as "mulungu", is a Brazilian medicinal plant used to treat anxiety. Erythrina alkaloids have been described in several species of Erythrina, which have biological and therapeutic properties well known that include anxiolytic and sedative effects. METHODS In this work, in vitro metabolism of erythraline (1), the(More)
Leishmaniasis is one of the World's most problematic diseases in developing countries. Traditional medicines to treat leishmaniasis have serious side effects, as well as significant parasite resistance problems. In this work, two alkaloids 1 and 2 were obtained from Corydalis govaniana Wall and seven alkaloids 3-9, were obtained from Erythrina verna. The(More)
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