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BACKGROUND Acute hypoxic/ischemic insults to the forebrain, often resulting in significant cellular loss of the cortical parenchyma, are a major cause of debilitating injury in the industrialized world. A clearer understanding of the pro-death/pro-survival signaling pathways and their downstream targets is critical to the development of therapeutic(More)
We present TRADES, a data-driven agent-based simulator for barter trade exchanges. We provide an overview of the barter trade exchange industry, focusing on the operational aspects of trade exchanges and motivating the design of our simulator. Our simulator is built by learning probabilistic models of company purchase behavior using transaction history data(More)
Spam is a problem that refuses to go away. An immense amount of time and money is currently devoted to hiding spam, but not enough is devoted to effectively preventing it. CAPTCHAs are a prevalent spam prevention mechanism, but are getting harder for humans to solve and easier for programs to "break". CAPTCHAs also cannot prevent spam from hijacked accounts(More)
The projector augmented wave (PAW) methodology has been used to calculate a high precision electron density distribution ρ(r) for the hexachlorobenzene crystal phase. Implementing the calculation of the crystallographic structure factors in the VASP code has permitted one to obtain the theoretical multipolar ρ(r). This electron density is compared with both(More)
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