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Self-efficacy is a user's confidence that he or she has the ability to use an information system. A survey gathered demographics, self-assessed computer skills, attitude and self-efficacy before installation of an integrated clinical and administrative information system. Results showed that higher levels of nursing education, home computer use, and average(More)
This study compared respiratory compensation thresholds (RCT) ( VCO(2) inflection point) of competitors in highly aerobic events (aerobic competitors, ARC) ( n=16), competitors in highly anaerobic events (anaerobic competitors, ANC) ( n=15), and untrained subjects (UT) ( n=25). Maximal oxygen consumption ( VO(2max)), respiratory compensation threshold as a(More)
Research on gender differences in ratings of perceived exertion (RPE) has been equivocal with few studies comparing exercise modes and differentiated RPE. The current study examined gender differences in overall and differentiated RPE at the respiratory compensation threshold (RCT) during cycling and treadmill exercise. Each minute during a maximal(More)
Sweat lactate indirectly reflects eccrine gland metabolism. However the potential influence of aerobic fitness on sweat lactate is not well-understood. Six males with high aerobic fitness [peak oxygen consumption ( VO(2)peak): 61.6 (2.5) ml.kg(-1).min(-1)] and seven males with low aerobic fitness [ VO(2)peak: 41.8 (6.4) ml.kg(-1).min(-1)] completed a(More)
This study examined the association of blood lactate concentration [La] and heart rate (HR) with ratings of perceived exertion (RPE) during 60 min of steady workload cycling. Physically active college-aged subjects (n = 14) completed an exhaustive cycling test to determine VO(2) (peak) and lactate threshold (2.5 mmol l(-1)). Subjects then cycled for 60 min(More)
Intelligent Learning Environments (ILE) are constructivist systems that attempt to incorporate beneficial aspects of tutoring systems and cognitive tools. ILEs support discovery learning through reflective interaction as well as curriculum-driven learning through scaffolding and coaching. ILEs are concerned with students developing both general and domain(More)
Sweat lactate reflects eccrine gland metabolism. However, the metabolic tendencies of eccrine glands in a hot versus thermoneutral environment are not well understood. Sixteen male volunteers completed a maximal cycling trial and two 60-min cycling trials [30 degrees C = 30 +/- 1 degrees C and 18 degrees C = 18 +/- 1 degrees C wet bulb globe temperature(More)