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Assessing biosynthetic potential of agricultural groundwater through metagenomic sequencing: A diverse anammox community dominates nitrate-rich groundwater
The metagenomes show strong resemblance to activated sludge communities from a nitrogen removal reactor at a wastewater treatment plant, suggesting that natural bioremediation occurs through microbial metabolism and the potential for novel pharmacologically active compounds.
Genetic Basis of a Violation of Dollo’s Law: Re-Evolution of Rotating Sex Combs in Drosophila bipectinata
The genetic architecture of the Drosophila sex comb suggests that rotating sex combs may have re-evolved through changes in relatively few genes, and potential developmental mechanisms that may allow lost complex structures to be regained are discussed.
Genomic resources for multiple species in the Drosophila ananassae species group
The ananassae subgroup is an excellent model system for examining the molecular basis of speciation and phenotypic evolution and new genomic resources will facilitate the genetic analysis of inter- and intraspecific differences in this lineage.
AddTag, a two-step approach with supporting software package that facilitates CRISPR/Cas-mediated precision genome editing
A two-step genome editing strategy that virtually eliminates CRISPR/Cas targeting constraints and facilitates precision genome editing of elements as short as a single base-pair at virtually any locus in any organism that supports CRISpr/Cas-induced genome editing is introduced.