Thaddeus A. Wastler

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Simmondsia chinensis. This desert shrub of southwestern United States and Mexico, commonly known as jojoba or Simmondsia, is potentially a very valuable plant. Its value as a browse species in the desert regions has long been recognized, but only in fairly recent years has the vast application of the products of this plant been indicated. Most of these(More)
Die Probleme, die sich bei der Erstellung eines Generalplans zum Studium der Flußmündungsgebiete und der Entwicklung eines Bewirtschaftungssystems der Ästuare in den USA ergeben, werden erörtert. Politische, soziale, wirtschaftliche sowie geographische und klimatische Unterschiede bestimmen ihre Ausnutzung durch die Bevölkerung und die Industrie. In 25(More)
A major problem facing those who must assess the environmental effects of the disposal in the ocean of industrial and municipal wastes, including dredged materials, is determining whether given wastes elicit chronic deteriorative responses in important species of organisms. The full importance of such low-level, nonlethal effects is not known, but it is(More)
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