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The Politics of Discretionary Medicaid Spending, 1980-1993
  • Thad Kousser
  • Economics, Medicine
  • Journal of health politics, policy and law
  • 1 August 2002
Why do some states choose to spend more than four times as much as others to provide health care to the disadvantaged? Political scientists who have traditionally explored this question by analyzingExpand
Does Voting by Mail Increase Participation? Using Matching to Analyze a Natural Experiment
Would holding elections by mail increase voter turnout? Many electoral reform advocates predict that mail ballot elections will boost participation, basing their prediction on the high turnout rateExpand
Politics in the American States: A Comparative Analysis
The Socioeconomic and Political Context of States - Virginia Gray Intergovernmental Relations - Russell L. Hanson Parties and Elections - Thomas M. Holbrook and Raymond J. La Raja Interest Groups inExpand
The Power of American Governors: Winning on Budgets and Losing on Policy
1. One problem shared by 50 state governors 2. The roots of executive power 3. What do governors propose? 4. Gubernatorial success 5. Do governors set the size of government? 6. The power and perilsExpand
For Whom the TEL Tolls: Can State Tax and Expenditure Limits Effectively Reduce Spending?
Can voters stop state governments from spending at high rates through the enactment of tax and expenditure limits (TELs), or do these laws become dead letters? We draw upon the principal-agentExpand
Retrospective voting and strategic behavior in European Parliament elections
Abstract Since no ‘responsible’ continental party system has yet emerged to provide stable cues to European Parliament (EP) voters, they are left to choose between their countries’ domestic parties.Expand
Adapting to Term Limits: Recent Experiences and New Directions
Research publications reflect the views of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of the staff, officers, or Board of Directors of the Public Policy Institute of California. ShortExpand
Term Limits and the Dismantling of State Legislative Professionalism
Part I. The Many Designs of American State Legislature: 1. Introduction 2. Narratives of change in six states Part II. How Design Affects a Legislature's Form: 3. The stability of leadership: howExpand
Mobilizing Latino Voters
Building on evidence that Latino voters participate at higher rates when co-ethnic candidates appear on the ballot, we report the results from a field experiment examining whether co-ethnic policyExpand