Thabo Mahendiran

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Mitochondrial oxidative damage contributes to a range of degenerative diseases. Ubiquinones have been shown to protect mitochondria from oxidative damage, but only a small proportion of externally administered ubiquinone is taken up by mitochondria. Conjugation of the lipophilic triphenylphosphonium cation to a ubiquinone moiety has produced a compound,(More)
This paper presents the comparative study on four computerized skeletal Bone Age Assessment (BAA) methods using the partitioning technique. The four systems studied work according to the renowned Tanner and Whitehouse (TW2) method, based on the Region of Interest (ROI) taken from the wrist bones. The systems ensure accurate and robust BAA for the age range(More)
This study presents design and implementation of an efficient skeletal bone age assessment (BAA) procedure based on features extracted from two dominant wrist bone structures (radius & carpal bones). System works according to renowned Tanner & Whitehouse (TW2) method, based on carpal and epiphyseal region of interest (ROI). It ensures accurate and robust(More)
This paper presents the development procedure of feature extraction and analysis of the features extracted from left hand wrist radiographs, which could be further used in estimating the skeletal maturity or bone age. Bone Age Assessment (BAA) is a procedure used in the management and diagnosis of endocrine disorders. It also serves as an indication of the(More)
Fluid input/output charts in hospital inpatients are a valuable source of information for doctors reviewing intravenous fluid prescription, but are notorious for being incomplete and inaccurate. Lack of awareness of the importance of fluid balance amongst nursing staff and an excess of unnecessary monitoring are two factors contributing to the problem. We(More)
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