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To assess the image quality of the mandibular third molar region using different milliamperage (mA) settings of cone-beam computed tomography. Twelve dry mandibles with impacted third molars were scanned with a Kodak 9000 unit (Kodak Dental Systems, Carestream Health, Rochester, NY, USA) using different mA settings (2, 4, 6.3, 8, 10, 12, and 15 mA). Two(More)
Ectopic tooth eruption into an area other than the oral cavity is rare. Nasal septum, mandibular condyle, coronoid process and infratemporal fossa space have been reported as frequent locations for ectopic tooth eruption. Ectopic teeth located within the maxillary sinus may be asymptomatic, found only in routine examinations. Headache, sinusitis and nasal(More)
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