Thaís de Almeida Moreira

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To understand the cellular basis of learning and memory, the neurophysiology of the hippocampus has been largely examined in thin transverse slice preparations. However, the synaptic architecture along the longitudinal septo-temporal axis perpendicular to the transverse projections in CA1 is largely unknown, despite its potential significance for(More)
A forward-imaging needle-type optical coherence tomography (OCT) probe with Doppler OCT (DOCT) capability has the potential to solve critical challenges in interventional procedures. A case in point is stereotactic neurosurgery where probes are advanced into the brain based on predetermined coordinates. Laceration of blood vessels in front of the advancing(More)
This study provides evidence of construct validity for the Brazilian version of the GodinShephard Leisure-Time Physical Activity Questionnaire (GSLTPAQ), a 1-item instrument used among 236 participants referred for cardiopulmonary exercise testing. The Baecke Habitual Physical Activity Questionnaire (Baecke-HPA) was used to evaluate convergent and divergent(More)
We have developed a real-time (16 frames/second), narrowest to-date (21 gauge, 700-μm-diam) optical coherence tomography (OCT) forward-imaging needle device and demonstrated its feasibility for guiding deep brain surgery based on both structural and Doppler imaging.
Background: Bacterial diseases are the main cause of the high mortality rates of snakes, especially those caused by gramnegative agents. However, studies on dermatopathy caused by these bacterial agents in snakes are scarce; and no reports have been found on Enterobacter aerogenes as causative agent of dermatopathy in snake species. Thus, the objective of(More)
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